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About this Event


The coronavirus is impacting all areas of the globe.  Businesses are closing. Proms are scratched. Art festivals are canceled.  None of that compares, of course, to those who are suffering with their health, struggling to stay alive, or mourning the loss of a loved one.   Financially, there may be tax relief for some, but for those who are self-employed, in the gig economy, or, like me, are artists, there just isn’t any foreseeable relief.  As an emerging artist without gallery representation (yet…but I’m hopeful), festivals and group shows are my main source of sales. My first two shows this year have been canceled/postponed.  So, to spark sales AND help raise money for the CDC Foundation (with hundreds of programs around the world), I’ve partnered with Art Connects to offer a fundraising sale of my art. For the next three (3) weeks, I will be offering five (5) pieces that are representative of my current collections for a 20% discount through Art Connects.  Additionally, I will donate another 10% to the CDC Foundation. How does that math work? Let’s say you buy a piece that normally sells for $100. Your price will be $80 (+ shipping) and I will give $10 to the foundation. Five of the pieces will have a “Buy Now” price that represents 20% off my normal pricing. Two pieces will be available at auction for very low reserve prices.  Now, I know that my art might not be for everyone, so we have a couple of other options to join our support for the CDC Foundation: You can buy a piece and give it as a gift or donate it, or you can simply donate financially directly to the CDC Foundation through my Art Connects page. I will deliver your purchase within the Metro Atlanta area (right away or after the crisis, your call) or I can ship directly to you at your expense.

For simplicity, I haven’t included my entire collection.  But if you see something on my website or Instagram that you want, I will extend this same offer to you during the same time period.  

about Jac Painter

Known for her vibrant work with resin, Jac strives to honor her community by thoughtfully composing found objects and floating them in epoxy resin that she often tints with different media.  Dolls, perfume bottles, beer cans, and even an unfired bullet have made their way into her art.  But, most often, she uses chips of graffiti (literal decades of spray paint) that she picks up off the ground of Krog Street Tunnel in Atlanta, GA.  Her work brings permanence to the otherwise temporary graffiti art in her neighborhood. Jac came to Atlanta from Seattle after three years in Amsterdam.  She started her professional life as a global retail real estate expert and worked across the US and 25 countries.  But she found her “jam” when she discovered resin work, and never looked back.

about the art

While walking thru the Krog Street Tunnel in the spring of 2017 I noticed freshly painted mural art and there was a dimensionality, a landscape, to the art.  Because of years of street art, the paint beneath had begun to crack and chip.  It appeared as though the street artist had cleared a patch of old, cracking paint— giving their work a border.  The chips had fallen to the ground, some small, some big.  The edges were jagged, and I could see years of layers of paint, art, intention.  I collected those and treasured them.  They shouldn’t be thrown away. They should be preserved, like a beautiful butterfly. Inspiration hit and I created my first piece:  “K for Krog” - a gift for my husband. I was hooked.  Before deciding to do more, I consulted with members of the street art community on the ethics of “repurposing” pieces of someone else’s art.  It was widely agreed that as long as it wasn’t a direct representation, it was honoring a temporary artform.


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