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    My name is Christian Phillips and I am partnering with the James Arthur Albert Foundation to raise money for underprivileged children in Belize. The foundation aids students by providing scholarships to those who cannot afford the $200 it costs to buy their school supplies for the year. These scholarships change lives! It’s difficult for families to send their kids to school when they can barely afford clothes for the year or even food for the week. Students who receive scholarships are given a chance to change the lives of people around them for the better. Many of them selflessly dream of using their education to help the needy, cure the sick, and aid the impoverished. Here is a small glimpse into the dreams of Oswin, a 15-year old from Punta Gorda:

    "My dream is to become a lawyer. Many innocent people go to prison herethey can’t afford a lawyer. That’s where I would step in. I would fight hard for them with all I have. For me, money is not everything. Love, kindness, the ability to see the good in others, and most of all: HOPE. I’m just an ordinary kid with the dream of becoming a lawyer, and I intend to fight for that dream no matter what."

    Oswin was able to attend high school this year because of the scholarship he was granted by the foundation. He is one year closer to his dream of defending the innocent because of people like you! This is just one storyThe James Arthur Albert Foundation has provided over 1,700 scholarships in the last 11 years, each with a story as meaningful and touching as this.

    The foundation helps the children in other ways, too! In the summer of 2019, a cafeteria was built so students no longer had to eat their lunches under the mango trees of Belize when the weather rained down on them. They have also built two brand new, state of the art classrooms so more students could attend school in areas where classrooms were limited. 100% of all donations are used to directly benefit the underprivileged children who dream of changing their country for the better. Not a single cent was ever—or will ever be—spent on marketing, overhead, travel expenses, or anything of this nature.

    This is a cause I care deeply about. To support the foundation, I will be fundraising $3,000 so that 15 students may pursue their education for another year. To do this, I will be performing a 4321 lift to show the strength that one person can have to champion others. The event will take place on November 14th at 8:00 PM in the Knapp Center at Drake University and will consist of the following back-to-back:

    • Deadlift - 4 plates at 405 pounds
    • Squat - 3 plates at 315 pounds
    • Bench press - 2 plates at 225 pounds
    • Overhead press - 1 plate at 135 pounds

    In total, I will be lifting 1,080 pounds in the span of a few short minutes. I am asking you to help me in my pursuit to send these 15 children to school by contributing to my campaign. Any donation amount will be humbly and graciously accepted! To donate, please click the "Donate Now" button at the bottom right of this page. Sample donations include the following:

    • $0.02 per pound lifted: $21.60
    • $0.03 per pound lifted: $32.40
    • $0.05 per pound lifted: $54.00
    • $0.07 per pound lifted: $75.60
    • $0.10 per pound lifted: $108.00
    • $0.20 per pound lifted: $216.00


    If you have any questions about the organization and its mission, please take a look at the website below or contact me at (972) 998 - 7939.

    Thank you for your generosity,

    Christian Phillips

    The James Arthur Albert Foundation website

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