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    UPADATE: After reaching our initial goal of $9,000 in under 72 hours, we created a new goal of $19,000 in an effort to donate as many as 10,000 masks. With the help of a fantastic $5,000 additional dollar-for-dollar match from OneGoat Foundation we reached this goal in just 12 days. But we weren't ready to stop. We have decided to continue our mission, raising our goal to $50,000 in hopes of donating more than 20,000 desperately needed N95 masks to First Responders throughout Colorado. Thanks to all in this amazing effort!!

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    Yesterday, while driving to work, I stopped to talk to one of our local law enforcement officers.  I wanted to ask him about the enforcement of the Governor’s Stay-at-Home order specific to work exemptions.  After our chat, I wished him luck in staying safe out there and asked if he had any N95 masks for protection.  He said he had two.  I asked if he would like more as I had some at my office.  His eyes instantly lit up both for the fact that I had some and was offering to give them to him and his fellow officers.  As I handed the masks to him, he couldn’t thank me enough as there are just so few available for first responders (Police, Fire and EMT) right now.  This sat heavy with me all day - the fact that our first responders, who are out there 24-7 protecting all of us, are left unprotected against COVID-19.  I had given him 10 masks, but that didn’t seem like it was enough.  I later came to find out that there is a serious shortage of N95 masks among our local first responders.  In talking with Castle Rock Police Department, they currently have masks issued to all their officers, but should things escalate, which they likely will, their inventory will be depleted immediately.  In this time of need, with the world as crazy as it is, I wanted to do more!!!  As soon as I got home in Castle Rock, I brought up the idea with my wife, Vanessa, of trying to organize a fundraiser to address this situation - help protect those who protect us.  She was wholeheartedly on-board!!  We put a soft plan together.  I then called my parents, who have recently relocated to Castle Rock from out-of-state.  They were instantly on-board, too.  The goal is to raise $9,000 to donate 5000 FDA approved N95 masks to our local first responders.  The Daigle Family has donated the first $1,000.  Additionally, we will match dollar-for-dollar up to our goal of $9,000. So even a $5 donation will instantly turn to $10 with our match! We will be matching donations at the end of each day and updating this page. We currently have an order of 1000 masks headed here now and as soon as we get them we will be distributing them to our local Douglas County agencies and beyond. Should we be fortunate enough to raise more than our goal, we will donate more than the 5,000 masks.  I have secured the masks through a vendor relationship at work.  Know that every dollar raised will go towards protecting those who protect us.  Now as a community, let’s come together to help our local first responders in this time of extreme need!

    Since launching this campaign in early April, we have been fortunate enough to gain a partnership with OneGoat Foundation. OneGoat Foundation is a 501(c)3 public charity dedicated to supporting our nation's First Responders.

    About the Daigle Family:

    Justin has been a golf course superintendent at Perry Park Country Club in Larkspur for almost 16 years. His wholesale connections for course inventory has supplied his connections to get large quantities of FDA certified N95 masks. Vanessa has owned and operated her furniture restoration business for 7 years in Castle Rock. Their 9 year old daughter Camryn was born and raised in Castle Rock. She attends elementary right down the street from their home and is in 3rd grade. Rob and Brenda Daigle (retired) moved to Castle Rock permanently from South Carolina, last year, to be closer to their one and only granddaughter after spending their previous 3 summers in Castle Rock and Larkspur. Giving back is part of the entire Daigle culture and in this time of need it seems that everyone is stepping up to help!!!

    About OneGoat Foundation:

    OneGoat started in 2006 with a couple of guys who share the love of golf and St. Patrick's Day. Each year, St. Patrick's Day would serve as our own personal holiday. This day grew from a couple of guys playing golf into a day when we celebrate with family and friends to remember that 'LIFE IS FOR LIVING.' This day is now known to us as OneGoat Day. This day, and every day, we spread this philosophy. What better way to embrace our philosophy than to support the men and women who dedicate their lives so we may live ours? The OneGoat Foundation was created to support America's First Responders. Our passion is driven by the dedication to give back to them. OneGoat Foundation is currently building a National Endowment Fund to support our nation's First Responders across the country. Through private donors. corporate partnerships and event management services, we are dedicated to growing our fund for the purpose of giving to first responder foundations across the country.

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